Most people consider movies as the primary source of entertainment. But TV shows aren’t too far behind in this regard. Are you fond of watching TV shows of different genres? If yes, then you might want a discussion platform for TV shows on which you could talk about your favorite show with like-minded people.

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Here’s a list of the leading television shows featuring different genres that have been popular among viewers.

1. Supernatural

Supernatural is a renowned American TV series that viewers have been watching since 2005. Despite running for 15 long years, its viewership has been rising thus far. Though Eric Kripke has written its storyline, several other writers have also made their contributions to it.

Its episodes feature two brothers in mission mode against evil supernatural forces. They emulate their father in their fight against evil supernatural forces that roam the earth.

2. The Crown

Written by Peter Morgan, The Crown is based on Queen Elizabeth II. Sony Pictures Television and Left Bank Pictures joined hands to produce this television series.

According to experts, Morgan got the inspiration for this historical drama series from his own films “Queen” and “The Audience.”

3. Star Trek: Discovery

In 2017, Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller joined hands to make this popular American TV series that was streamed on CBS All Access. Star Trek: Discovery showcases the exciting adventures of the USS Discovery crew.

Apart from bringing in additional subscriptions to All Access, it has also brought in more positive reviews from viewers.

4. Game of Thrones

D.B. Weiss and David Benioff created Game of Thrones by deriving the idea from A Song of Ice and Fire. HBO aired the first episode of this fantasy drama TV series on April 17, 2011. It continued to be aired on this channel for all the 73 episodes across the eight seasons until May 19, 2019.

It grabs one of the top spots on the list of the most-watched TV series in terms of viewership. Most viewers have accepted the TV series in the seasons with their head and heart together due it several story arcs.

5. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV series has the same plot as that of the comics series with this name. It is the story of the struggles of human survivors, following a zombie apocalypse, to keep themselves alive. In all its episodes, you can see how human survivors protect themselves from the walking zombies.

This TV series is available both in the United States and other countries on different channels. You can see it on AMC in the US, whereas it is available on Fox Networks for the foreign target audiences.

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6. Grey’s Anatomy

Following the telecast of its first episode on March 27, 2005, Grey’s Anatomy went on top of the list of medical dramas with the elements of romance and comedy. Its plot comprises the story of the transformation of surgical interns into established doctors and their everyday life.

The storyline of this drama revolves around the ups and downs in the life of Dr. Meredith Grey, the principal character of the drama played by Ellen Pompeo.

7. Peaky Blinders

As a television series, Peaky Blinders involves a crime drama. Created by Steven Knight, its plot is based in Birmingham, England. Its story is linked to the Shelby crime family after the conclusion of the Second World War.

Thus far, it has completed its 5 seasons featuring 30 episodes between September 12, 2013, and September 22, 2019.

8. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a popular science fiction horror series with 1980’s vibes. The Duffer Brothers created it for streaming on Netflix. Its first episode was aired on July 15, 2016.

This investigative drama revolves around supernatural elements. Its creators have drawn inspiration from the experiments and conspiracy theories of the cold war era.

9. Vikings

Vikings, a popular historical drama TV series, was filmed in Ireland. Michael Hirst wrote it for the History Channel following which, it premiered for the first time on March 3, 2013. It completed its sixth season in December 2019.

It draws its inspiration from popular legendary Norse heroes.

10. Cobra Kai

A comedy-drama with martial arts – that’s the essence of Cobra Kai. It is a television streaming series on the lines of The Karate Kid series. It launched on YouTube Red (which became YouTube Premium later on) for the first two seasons in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Following the phenomenal success of the show among its target audience, the third season of the series was launched on Netflix. The next season, which is scheduled to release in 2021, will also be available on this platform.

Final Thoughts

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