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ViewChat App is a discussion platform that allows live TV audience to
join the chat rooms for ongoing TV shows.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!


  • Join chat rooms and chat instantly for related ongoing TV shows and sports games such as football games, baseball games, basketball games, hockey games, etc.
  • Write and submit your comment
  • Like/ Dislike/ Reply to other comments on TV shows and sports games.
  • Current Trending TV shows and sports games.
  • Add/ Remove friends
  • Manage contacts
  • Chat/ Group chat
  • Report comments
  • Facebook sharing
  • Archived TV shows within the app
  • Mark your favorite TV shows

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About ViewChat

Unlock a new world of social networking with ViewChat application that engages users to discuss live and the most popular US TV shows. ViewChat allows users to join chat rooms divided by television channels in a format similar to TV programs guide in a grid view. Registered users, also known as View Chatters, can click on a specific show and can instantly join the interaction to share or express their thoughts, observations and predictions. View Chatters can view what others are posting in the chat rooms for related TV shows.

Find out the most popular TV shows with a single tap on your ViewChat App and join the first ever Mobile TV Club.

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What Our Viewer’s Say

This application is so important and daily basis useful information related to current and upcoming TV program including all channels. So it becomes an easy way to choose a proper channel as per our choice. I recommend this app to all users who love to watch TV on the choice base channel and program.

Harshit Padaliya

I am crazy about TV shows, and this app allows me to find all the things related to it and talk about it too. Great app for everyone who loves TV shows.

Rachna Vyas

This application keeps us updated about all the TV programs and we even can discuss about different programs in the chat room of this application with different people. By far this is the best application I’ve come across.

Shailee Patel



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